Green, Green Grass of Home

Video, 2002, 17'53
In collaboration with Maja Bajevic


Home inhabits us as much as we inhabit it. We identify ourselves to places and these punctuate our lives. With their lost, decided or forced, we lose what we lived in them. Mental maps are used in various fields such as geography or psychology to understand how someone projects itself in a certain space.

i filmed maja in a green field while describing her apartment in Sarajevo in which her grandparents and after them she herself lived before the war in ex-Yugoslavia. Since then people occupy the apartment and still refuse to leave it . The attempts to get this apartment back had remained unfruitful for a number of years after the war, even though "official laws" existed for the restitution of the apartments occupied during the war. Maja hadn't been in her apartment for more than 10 years at the time of this project, but in her filmed description she tries to remember it with great details, and she moves in the field as she would walk in it: she goes from one room to the other, describing it and telling anecdotes. From this description I drew a plan of this apartment that I had never seen.

see video



Green, Green Grass of Home - the Construction

performance / installation, 2002
palazzo dell'arengo, rimini
in collaboration with Maja Bajevic


A few hours prior to the opening of the exhibition in which we were presenting our video Green, green grass of home we did a performance on the main square in Rimini, consisting of tracing directly on the floor the plan of the Sarajevo apartment as described in the video, in full scale (70m2) and out of fresh grass. Once the shape of the apartment had been traced with the grass, a small fence was installed around it, and from then on we enjoyed our new garden/territory by lying on long garden chairs and drinking champagne during the opening. At night, this green space became an unusual meeting point for the passers-by of Rimini.


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